Generation Strange Pre-Order Policy

Welcome aboard, interstellar explorer of Generation Strange! To ensure your journey through our cosmic collection is a breeze, we've created a straightforward pre-order system to help you stake your claim on our forthcoming treasures before they even land in our warehouse.

Pre-Order Explained:

At the heart of a pre-order lies the opportunity to reserve an upcoming product before its official release or arrival at our warehouse. This ensures you get your hands on the most coveted items, avoiding the black holes of sold-out disappointment.

Managing Your Pre-Orders:

Our user-friendly interface lets you pilot your pre-orders from "My Account". Here, you can:

  • Keep track of your pre-order roster.
  • Get updated arrival information.
  • Terminate pre-orders if necessary.
  • Update shipping details.
  • Alter shipping and payment methods.

Estimated Time of Arrival:

Each pre-order comes with an estimated arrival date. We are in constant contact with our suppliers, adjusting these dates as new information becomes available. But please remember, in this industry, delays are as unpredictable as space weather. For this reason, we discourage relying on pre-orders for time-sensitive events or gifts.

Pre-Order Cancellation:

Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel most pre-orders anytime before they arrive at our warehouse, directly from "My Account". However, any non-refundable down payments won't be returned in case of cancellation.

Payment for Pre-Orders:

We accept all standard payment methods, including PayPal. Although the payment may be required months in advance, you're free to change your payment method before the item arrives. Once it does, we'll charge the remaining balance to your chosen payment method.

Non-Refundable Down Payments:

For some special or high-value items, we may require a non-refundable down payment at the time of order placement. In case you change your mind and cancel such a pre-order, this down payment will not be refunded.

Arrival Notices:

Whenever possible, we'll send a notification when a pre-ordered item is about to arrive. This gives you a chance to review your chosen payment method, shipping address, and shipping method before your order is processed.

Pre-Order Pricing:

Due to the volatile nature of the market, prices can change even after we list the product for presale. If the price decreases and your item is still on pre-order, we'll adjust your price to the lower one. If the price increases due to factors out of our control, we'll contact the affected customers. You're always free to cancel your pre-order at any time.

Pre-Order Shipping:

Shipping fees for pre-orders are estimates as we may not know the exact weight or dimensions of the product at the time of listing. Please refer to our Shipping Guides for more information on shipping fees and services.

Pre-Order Fulfillment:

We make every effort to fulfill all pre-orders. However, in certain uncontrollable situations, we may be unable to do so. In such cases, we'll cancel the pre-order and notify you promptly.

Pre-Order Abuse:

We strive to maintain a fair pre-order system. If we find a user exploiting our pre-order system, we may impose a non-refundable down payment or full payment requirement for all pre-orders from that user.

Pre-Orders and Payment Timing:

Pre-orders can ship anywhere from two to eighteen months after your order is placed. Please note:

  • Pre-orders placed with a credit card are charged up to 20 business days before shipping.
  • Pre-orders placed with PayPal are charged immediately.
  • If a credit card payment for a pre-order is declined or expired, we will attempt to contact you for updated card information. If not updated in a timely manner, you may lose your pre-order.

Please remember, once an order is placed, it's not possible to switch between credit card and PayPal payments.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our pre-order policy. Thank you for choosing Generation Strange! #STAYSTRANGE